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August 28, 2014
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August 28, 2014
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There are gear heads and then there is Dave. Dave has toured and played with Jimmy Barnes, Ted Nugent, Cher and joined REO SpeedWagon in 1989. Dave has appeared on records from Kim Carnes, Motley Crue, Richie Sambora and many others. During the mid-90’s, after 10 years of touring, Dave decided to turn in his rack of Nady 1200 GT VHF wireless systems and opted to go with the950GS UHF system… but he was still fond of the tone his 1200VHF system provided.

Respecting Dave’s individual taste and musical requirements, the Nady engineering staff was able to accommodate him with what is now known as the Dave Amato/REO Mod. The 1200 VHF wireless rack was used by a well known 90’s band debut tour for two non-stop years. Be sure to catch REO Speedwagon on tour and witness Dave’s energy-packed performance with his Nady wireless!