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August 28, 2014
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August 28, 2014
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Johnny Cash started using Nady wireless in the early 80’s with tunable 400/500 systems. In the mid 80’s he switched to the 700 system and then to the 950GS system in the 90’s which he used till his passing in 2003. According to stage monitor engineer Kent Elliot, Cash chose the 950GS system for its road reliability, multi-channel operation and dynamic range.

Johnny Cash is the only man to have been inducted into the Rock, Country and Songwriter Hall of Fame. Nady Systems is proud to have been a part of his legacy.

‘We’ve toured around the world three times and never had a drop-out or interference problem where we couldn’t find a clear frequency. I’d like to call it 160 channels of clarity.'”

Guitar Technician Brian Farmer