General FAQs

    1How can I get answers to specific performance questions about my Nady units?
    Please refer to your Owner’s Manual or the manuals on our website (you can find them linked in our product pages). Generally you will find the answers you need. It’s always best to familiarize yourself with the features, performance and operation of your unit. If you still have questions after reviewing our manuals, please contact our Customer Service Department at (510) 652-2411 and press 2
    2Where can I purchase accessories, components and parts for my Nady product?
    If you cannot get these from your Nady dealer, please contact our Customer Service Department at (510) 652-2411 and press 2
    3How do I locate my nearest Nady dealer?
    Go to the Find A Dealer page above or contact a Nady Sales Representative
    4How can I send in my Nady gear for servicing?

    Before returning Nady equipment for servicing (warranty or non-warranty), please read the instructions in your warranty card. If you’ve misplaced your card, you can access it online on our website. Please note the following procedures:

    1. Before sending in your unit, contact our Customer Service Department at (510) 652-2411 press 2 and describe the problem you’re having. Often our experienced Customer Service representatives can determine what the problem is and help you correct it without requiring that it be sent back.

    2. If service is needed, you’ll be given an RA (Return Authorization) number that should be printed on the outside of the package before you send it back. This is important so that your unit can be properly tracked when it arrives, ensuring the fastest possible turnaround.

    3. If your unit is out of warranty, you’ll be quoted the fixed price for repairing your unit. Payment can be made via Visa or MasterCard or you can enclose a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. Please note that if you’re sending a personal check, it will take time for it to clear the bank at our end, delaying the return of your unit. For fastest turnaround, it’s best to use one of the other payment options listed.

    4. Package the unit carefully (in the original packaging, if possible), making sure to include all the units/components requiring service, as well as check or money order if required. For wireless systems, unless the problem is obviously limited to just one component (e.g., a broken transmitter ON/OFF switch), both the transmitter and receiver should be sent back, as well as the AC adapter and all cables supplied.

    5If I send in my Nady unit for servicing, how long will it take to get it back?
    General turnaround time averages around 2 weeks or less, not including shipping time back and forth. Occasionally turnaround time is longer than 2 weeks, most often due to a temporary shortage of the specific repair parts or replacement units required to complete your service job. Delays can also occur while waiting for bank clearance of payment by personal check. To help expedite quick return of your unit, be sure to clearly print your Return Authorization Number (RA #) on the outside of the package you send in to us. In general, units are serviced in the order received. If you do not receive your unit back within 5-6 weeks, or you have an urgent need for an expedited turnaround, please contact our Customer Service Department at (510) 652-2411 press 2 for a status update.
    6How long is the warranty on my Nady product and what's covered under the warranty?
    For specifics regarding warranty coverage, please read the warranty card supplied with your product or access it online. Generally, the limited warranty for professional wireless and audio equipment is one year, and for consumer wireless/ audio gear and motorcycle products it is 90 days. Coverage is not included for normal wear and tear or physical abuse. Each product type has its own specific rules re what’s covered and what’s not, so please read the warranty card carefully if you have specific questions about coverage of your unit.

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