Why Choose A Nady Amplification System For Your School?

Extensive research has been conducted over the past several years which clearly points to numerous benefits from amplified sound in schools and other learning environments.

Over the past 20 years, studies have shown that amplified sound in the classroom is a remarkably effective way to improve students’ listening behavior and academic achievement. As a result, in many classrooms throughout the country, the microphone has become as elemental as paper and pencils. Thousands of schools at every level (elementary through college) have realized the dramatic added benefits of installing microphone/speaker systems in classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and gymnasiums. Classroom amplification systems significantly enhance sound so that students can easily hear their teachers over background noise and other distractions.

The most obvious benefit of using an amplification system in the classroom is a dramatic difference in students’ listening and speaking skills. Students sitting in the last row of the classroom can hear as well as those in the front. And because many classrooms are equipped with a second microphone for student use when speaking, teachers say their students are much more eager to speak out.

Audiologists and speech experts acknowledge that classroom sound systems are growing in popularity nationwide in response to growing evidence that poor classroom acoustics hinder listening and learning. Particularly for younger children, the ability to hear clearly is crucial for language development as well as focusing and maintaining attention. Amplification systems in the classroom dramatically enhance these abilities in addition to providing added support for students with hearing impairment.

Numerous research studies have now confirmed that the better children can hear, the more they are able to learn.

Student Benefits Of School Amplification Systems

• Improvement in academic achievement

• Improvement in speech recognition

• Improvement in student behavior

• Increased seating options for students with hearing loss

• Improvement in listening and learning environments for “at task” learners (e.g., severely language impaired, developmentally delayed, ESOL, minimally hearing impaired, etc)

• Increased self-esteem

Teacher Benefits Of School Amplification Systems

• Reduced vocal strain and voice fatigue

• Increased ease of teaching

• Increased versatility of instructional techniques

• Increased teacher mobility

Nady manufactures a versatile line of rugged, easy-to-use, high-performance, value-priced amplification systems with many features that make them perfectly suited for school/educational applications.

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