Sound Contractors

The Sound Contractor / Installation Market

Nady’s expansive line of state-of-the-art audio equipment can meet the technical requirements of virtually all types of venues and audio applications including live concerts, theatrical productions, school plays, private parties, houses of worship, and professional meetings/conferences. Whether it’s standard PA equipment for a relatively simple set-up, or a more involved set-up for a theatrical production or live concert—indoor or outdoor, portable or installed Nady can provide the gear you need.

For over 30 years, Nady Systems has supplied audio gear to thousands of sound contractors throughout the country who know they can rely on the Nady name to provide reliable performance, roadworthy construction, and customized features for their clients. In addition to Nady’s broad range of wireless microphones, the Nady Audio line includes professional amplifiers, mixers, speakers, stage monitors, processors, headphones, crossovers/EQs and other gear as well. Nady’s experienced Sales/Service Staff is always on hand to provide personal consultations as needed to help ensure that you get exactly the gear you need while still meeting your budgetary constraints.

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