Nady Introduces Mini Condenser Headset Mic

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November 20, 2007
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December 29, 2008
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Nady Introduces Mini Condenser Headset Mic

Nady HM-20U Headmic™ Headworn Uni-Directional Condenser Microphone

Emeryville, CA — Nady Systems recently announced the addition of their miniature uni-directional electret condenser headset microphone, the HM-20U. The small size and optimal lightweight design of this new microphone make it ideal for singing and speaking applications even in noisy environments. Offering a warm, full-range response and maximum feedback rejection, the HM-20U is the perfect choice for vocalist/musicians (drummers, keyboardists), vocalist/dance performers, DJs, television announcers, public speakers and aerobics instructors.

A full frequency microphone, the HM-20U has a durable, thin metal frame that can be easily molded to any user. Its ergonomic design and comfortable fit allow it to be used with or without glasses, hats, or headphones. Other features include: a tiny 5 x 8mm capsule for lightweight comfort; 2 sizes of foam windscreen to reduce wind and popping noise; extendable fully adjustable boom 100 degrees for optimum mic capsule placement. The HM-20U is available with mini-XLR, 3.5mm phono plug (fits most standard wireless bodypack transmitters), or with standard XLR adapter for all wired and wireless applications.

The HM-20U is now shipping.