Nady Introduces New Active Ribbon Mic

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Nady Introduces New Active Ribbon Mic

Nady RSM-8A Active Ribbon Studio Microphone

Emeryville, CA — Nady Systems recently announced the introduction of their latest ribbon microphone — the RSM-8A. The new, neoclassicRSM-8A has the unmatched warmth and natural sound of a classic Nady large ribbon mic plus the higher gain of conventional studio microphones and the selectable features offered by proven ultra low-noise FET active circuitry and transformer output. The RSM-8 meets the stringent requirements of the most demanding digital recording and live broadcasting applications, and is ideal for recording studio vocals, acoustic instruments, strings, horns, orchestral/choral groups, ambient instrument audio, and many live sound applications.

The RSM-8A has low-tension 50mm long, 2-micron thick aluminum ribbon (velocity) design for characteristic “large, mellow” ribbon audio reproduction with smooth, natural extended low and high ends. Other features include: Over 40db higher gain than most non-active ribbon microphones so easier to use with any mic mixer or preamp; -10dB pad and Low Cut filter selector switches for attenuation and elimination of stage rumble; unmatched fast, accurate transient response, ultra-high 165dB SPL capability and overall stunning realism; Figure-8 audio directional (pickup) pattern for front and rear sides, extended sweet spots, increased off-axis high-frequency response on sides, with decreased treble and lower audio levels above and below on-axis. The RSM-8A is manufactured with the finest materials, machined housing and advanced internal shockmount construction for structural integrity and rugged reliability.

The RSM-8A joins the existing line of Nady ribbon mics which includes the RSM-1RSM-2, and RSM-5.

The RSM-8A begins shipping in February 2008.