Singer, Guitar player, Keyboardist, Public Speaker?  Check out our top-of-the-line Nady W-1KU wireless system and our wide selection of other high-end and affordable wireless systems by Nady — the inventor of handheld and guitar wireless systems.

  • Looking for a state-of-the-art, affordable, digital handheld system?  Check out the Nady DW Digital Wireless System one of the best we’ve ever made!
  • The Nady U-1100/2100 is one of our top UHF systems with 100 user selectable frequencies with auto-scan.  The 1100/2100 pairs excellent with a handheld mic for vocalists but its also a top choice for Guitar/Bass or keys because of its line-level tuned 1/4″ input.

Wondering about UHF vs VHF?  Basically VHF costs less but has 1 key advantage over UHF. If you’re having problem with people or things getting in the way of the signal.  VHF goes around things like columns,  people, even walls much better than UHF.  UHF needs a better ‘line-of-sight’.

What about batteries?  Well… built-in rechargeables seem great but when they go dead your done for the night.  That’s why we outfit all our units with conventional battery slots (AA, AAA…) they’re completely compatible with rechargeable NiMH, but if you go dead and forgot your backups, every store in the area has AA’s

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