Smith-Victor Spectrum Pro 50

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SM-300A Pair Of 8″ Active Studio Monitors

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Active monitor
Built-in 240W Peak (120W RMS) Bi-amped power
(140W peak/70W RMS for LF, 100W peak/50W RMS for HF
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TCM-1100 Vacuum Tube Condenser

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Satellite-100 for Horns

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Satellite-100 for Electric Guitar

  • Premium multi-purpose speaker designed for the most demanding performance environments
  • High-power handling capacity with tight, powerful woofer and titanium horn driver for brilliant sound with a smooth overall response
  • Multi-position cab designed for variety of applications/requirements: 30° monitor angle for more distant stage monitoring, 45° monitor angle for performers closer to the speaker, 90° angle for horizontal placement on shelves, or upright as main FOH speakers
  • Titanium 1” driver with wide-angle dispersion horns for optimum clarity and presence
  • Second-order internal crossover with tweeter surge protection circuit
  • Ported design for perfect bass and treble punch
  • Speakon™ and ¼” connections
  • Roadworthy cabinet construction with ultra-durable polymer finish, handle slots, metal grill, rubber feet, and integrated speaker stand basemount

DMK-7C Drum Mic Kit

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PM-200A Personal Active Stage Monitor

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DMK-7 Drum Mic Kit

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Smith-Victor Edge360 Pro LED Lights

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