DM-70 High SPL Dynamic Cardiod Microphone
Excellent for Drum / Percussion / Live Instruments


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The Nady DM 70 or DM 80 Microphone! Capable of handling high sound pressure levels without distortion, the DM Series microphones are ideal for live or recording close-miking of all types of drums and percussion instruments, and also for accurate sonic reproduction of brass, woodwind
and other instruments producing high sound fields. This guide is for both the DM 70 and DM 80, with the differences as noted.

DM 70: Versatile mic with high pass at 70hz to isolate low frequencies (kick drum).  Well suited for close-miking snares, toms, all percussion, brass and woodwinds

DM 80: Versatile Kick drum mic with extended low-end response specially tailored for bass drums and other large
diameter drums

DM 90: Ultimate Kick drum mic with low pass at 10k for isolating snare, cymbals and other unwanted transients.

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