DM-80 High SPL Dynamic Cardiod Microphone
Excellent for Drum / Percussion / Live Instruments


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The Nady DM microphone series is specifically designed to handle extremely high sound pressure levels (SPL’s) without distortion especially suited to live instruments.  The DM-80 is especially for extended lower frequency response (Kick Drum).

  • Cardioid pattern allows close miking without bleed-through from other drum kit pieces
  • Neodymium element delivers maximum output
  • Up to 140dB SPL handling capacity for distortionfree reproduction of even the loudest drums and other instruments
  • Transformerless moving-coil dynamic design for enhanced bass and fast transient response
  • All metal construction for maximum reliability
  • Special rubber shockmount mic holder minimizes floor vibration pick-up
  • Incredibly small, low-profile design for minimum visibility and versatile close-miking placement around the drum kit
  • Gold-plated XLR for maximum conductivity
  • Full frequency response for sonic punch with exceptional clarity

DM 70: Versatile mic with high pass at 70hz to isolate low frequencies (kick drum).  Well suited for close-miking snares, toms, all percussion, brass and woodwinds

DM 80: Versatile Kick drum mic with extended low-end response specially tailored for bass drums and other large
diameter drums

DM 90: Ultimate Kick drum mic with low pass at 10k for isolating snare, cymbals and other unwanted transients.

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