DM-90 Dynamic Kick Drum/Instrument Microphone
High roll-off High SPL Exceptional for Kick Drum


  • Large-size housing especially acoustically designed for the most accurate reproduction of the extended low frequencies of kick drums and other bass instruments and amps.
  • Large diaphragm dynamic element with excellent attack and punch for truest sound
  • Supercardioid pattern for ultimate feedback rejection
  • Ultra-high SPL capability-ideal for live or recording close-miking of all types of drums and percussion instruments, and also for accurate sonic reproduction of brass, woodwind and other instruments producing high sound fields
  • Rugged die-cast body with internal shock mount and hardened steel grille
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The Nady DM-90 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone was specially designed for the most accurate reproduction of extended low-frequency instruments and amps. The Nady DM-90 mic features a dynamic element and large diaphragm for capturing the attack, punch, and high SPL of bass drums. Supercardioid pattern for ultimate feedback rejection, and a rugged die-cast body with internal shockmount and hardened steel grille.

DM 70: Versatile mic with high pass at 70hz to isolate low frequencies (kick drum).  Well suited for close-miking snares, toms, all percussion, brass and woodwinds

DM 80: Versatile Kick drum mic with extended low-end response specially tailored for bass drums and other large
diameter drums

DM 90: Ultimate Kick drum mic with low pass at 10k for isolating snare, cymbals and other unwanted transients.

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