PitchFork™ Chromatic Stage Tuner
Digital Chromatic Tuner ***COOL GEAR ALERT***


  • Quick and accurate tuning (+/- 1 cent) in a compact, roadworthy metal housing
  • True-bypass monitoring for cleanest sound
  • Fully chromatic with ultra-bright LED display for easy viewing under any lighting conditions
  • Choice of 3 convenient display modes: meter, full strobe, and half strobe
  • Easily calibrated in 1Hz steps from 436Hz to 445Hz
  • Can be set to standard tuning or choice of 7 different flat settings

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Super accurate and fast tuning with this stage friendly tuner

The Nady PitchFork Chromatic Tuner combines the most accurate tuning technology with an ultra-rugged metal stompbox design. With easy-to-read LED screen and true-bypass monitoring, guitarists and bassists can now tune their instruments with unparalleled accuracy and wide tuning range – all from a single stage pedal.

With a dual output, the PitchFork allows creative routing options; and the convenient “bypass” output allows close monitoring of your instrument on stage without the audience hearing you. Powered either by a single 9V battery or optional PAD-1 AC adapter, the PitchFork will keep you in tune wherever you go.

Specifications: Tuning Range: A0 (27.5Hz)-C8 (4,186Hz) Accuracy: ± 1 cent Calibration: 436-445Hz (1 Hz step) Flat modes: b, bb, bbb Note: A, A# ,B ,C ,C# ,D ,D# ,E ,F ,F# ,G ,G# Indicator: 39 segment display and 1 LED Input: ¼” Input jack Output: ¼” Output jack, ¼” Bypass jack Power: 9V Battery (or PAD-1 adapter sold separately)
California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING