TRM-6 Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone


    • Low-tension 45mm long, 2-micron thick aluminum ribbon design with typical “large, mellow” ribbon audio reproduction. Smooth, natural extended low and high ends and detailed realistic mids.
    • Unique integrated 12AX7A preamp tube provides unmatched tube audio at levels higher than that of ordinary ribbon mics; allows the convenience of use with all mixer inputs without requiring external pre-amplification.
    • Versatile design, perfect for numerous applications, including vocal and instrument recording and live sound.
    • Superior overall stunning realism with fast, accurate transient response, ultra-high dynamic range and >135 dB SPL capability
    • Extraordinary versatility in dialing in the desired sound by varying mic placement. Figure-8 audio directional (pickup) pattern for both front and rear side, with extended sweet spots (compared to large diaphragm condenser mics). Can be used with a second TRM-6 for individual recording volume control of 2 separate sources by placing each source in the principal axis of one mic and the off-axis null of the other.
    • Manufactured with the finest materials — a machined housing with advanced internal shockmount construction for the highest structural integrity and rugged reliability.