CM-90 Classic Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


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    • Perfect for recording and stage reinforcement of acoustic guitar, drum overheads, hi-hats, snares, piano and horns.
    • Powerful and versatile-meets the stringent requirements of even the most demanding digital recording and live sound applications
    • Classic small diaphragm (0.79″, 20mm) condenser mic with cardioid polar pattern pick up
    • Transformerless output and true condenser design (element constantly biased by the pre-amp) for exceptionally low self-noise and increased dynamic range, enhanced low and high end response with improved linearity across the full frequency range, high sensitivity and maximum SPL capacity
    • The capsule is hand tooled from brass and features a 3-micron gold-evaporated-on-Mylar diaphragm for maximum sensitivity, long life, detail and tone.
    • FET preamp features a carefully selected Field Effect Transistor, specially chosen for its low distortion and superior signal-to-noise ratio
    • Rugged, turned-brass housing and internal sub-assembly shockmount for maximum reliability
    • Requires 48V phantom power