PEM-02 – 16 Frequency Dual Transmitter Mono Output Wireless In-Ear System For Stage


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The PEM-02, 16-Channel UHF In-Ear Monitor System, offers all the advantages of wireless in-ear monitoring mobility, such as a personalized mix and listening level, freedom from feedback and the long-term health benefits of safe listening levels.

The PEM Series In-Ear Monitor Systems feature advanced PLL frequency synthesized UHF technology with 16 user-selectable frequencies providing clear channel operation on the UHF 900MHz band to give you interference-free performance for any application or locale. Unlike most wireless in-ear monitor systems, the PEM-02 is especially unique in that TWO separate customized mixes can be sent to any Nady PEM receiver, which users can cycle through at any time to find which mix works best for them.