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The Nady GEQ 231 2-Channel Graphic Equalizer features 31 1/3rd octave bands for each channel. It fits in a 19″ rack space and takes up two rack slots. The equalizer is equipped with two balanced XLR inputs, two unbalanced 1/4″ TS inputs, two balanced XLR outputs and two balanced 1/4″ TRS outputs. The device uses ultra-low noise circuitry and a parallel filter design that minimizes phase distortion by simultaneously measuring sound levels in real-time. It features a low-cut filter at 40Hz, a band range of ±12dB gain and an EQ On/Off bypass switch with a status LED. For added convenience, there’s also a gain status LED bar graph with peak LED indicator and a power LED as well. The EQ is even equipped with a shielded internal power supply, which has an AC input and a line selectable voltage switch that supports both 115V (60Hz) and 230V (50Hz) line voltages. Plus, the GEQ 231 chassis is constructed entirely of durable steel, making it an ideal road warrior.

You can use the GEQ 231 for tuning a room with the help of an audio reinforcement system. It also works well with amplifiers and instruments. You can take advantage of the low-cut feature or use it with your guitar to modify the sound of the instrument. You can brighten the tone, add body to a thin sounding guitar, or even give the instrument an entirely different identity. A graphic EQ is a useful tool in the studio as well. You can fix tracks where the sound is a little off or you can shape the sound of a track by changing the frequency response. You can even create artificial stereo recordings by splitting a signal and equalizing both of the split signals differently; use panning to complete the stereo feel.

Dual channel system features 31 1/3rd octave bands for each channel
Designed to fit into a 19″ rack mount set up with two free rack spaces
Equipped with two balanced XLR inputs and two unbalanced 1/4″ TS inputs
Equipped with two balanced XLR outputs and two balanced 1/4″ TRS outputs
Constant-Q bandwidth from each filter with 3% center frequency accuracy
Parallel filter design uses simultaneous real-time sound measurements for minimal phase distortion
Ultra low-noise circuitry and low-cut filter at 40Hz, 12dB/octave switchable – with status LED
Equalizer On/Off bypass switch with status LED and ±12dB gain band range
Center detents on faders and variable input level control (±12dB)
Power switch with LED On indicator and gain status LED bar graph with peak LED indicator
Shielded internal power supply with AC input and selectable line voltage of 115V (60Hz) or 230V (50Hz)
Compact and durable all-steel chassis design


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GEQ-231 (Ref.)

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