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    The 2W-1KU systems operate in the UHF range using one or three banks of 1000 channels:

    • Band 3 : 520.0-544.9.9MHz – This frequency band is fully compliant with the most up-to-date FCC regulations and operates on 520.0-544.9MHz frequency bands which are comprehensively available for unlicensed wireless microphone use throughout the Continental United States.
    • Band 2 : 795.0-819.9MHz – This is an international frequency band. This band is NOT compliant with FCC regulations and it’s illegal in Continental United States.
    • Band 1 : 672.0-696.9MHz – US Frequency – This frequency band is discontinued and wireless systems that operate in this frequency band will be required to cease operation no later than July 13, 2020.

    W-1KU Wireless System Available In Handheld (HT) Lapel (LT) Or Instrument (GT) Transmitters:

    W-1KU Receiver:

    • Unsurpassed state-of-the-art PLL UHF performance with 120dB dynamic range and operation up to 500 feet line-of sight
    • 1000 user selectable UHF frequencies per band, with AUTO-SCAN for easy location of clear channels
    • True Diversity circuitry with two complete front ends for maximizing range and most effective elimination of dropouts
    • Sophisticated IF filtering for simultaneous operation of HT-1KU or BT-1KU systems in the same location
    • Front panel touch control buttons and user-friendly LCD configuration menus
    • ASC™ (Auto-Sync Channel) IR download feature which sends selected Group/Channel information to transmitter via IR for easy frequency synchronization
    • Front panel backlit LCD display indicates selected audio output Volume level, Group, Channel, RF signal strength meter, A/B Diversity antenna status; Separate audio LED bar graph display provides instantaneous audio level status from a distance
    • Back panel Balanced XLR Mic level and Unbalanced ¼” Line level audio output jacks, squelch control, RF BNC connectors for dual removable ½ wave antennas, and DC power input jack
    • Externally powered (adapter included)
    • Rugged all-metal housing — rackmountable with optional single rackmount kit or dual (side-by-side) rackmount kit

    HT-1KU Handheld And BT-1KU Bodypack Transmitters:

    • Choice of transmitters: HT-1KU or BT-1KU, all with 1000 easily selectable channels: manually with up/down buttons on units or via IR Sync download of selected channel for easy synchronization with receiver
    • HT-1KU Handheld transmitter features a sleek, durable all-metal housing; power Off/On switch; internal antenna system; and superior neodymium cartridge for clear, powerful audio, maximum feedback rejection, and minimal handling noise
    • BT-1KU bodypack transmitter (choice of three versions: LT, LT/HM, or GT) features road worthy all-metal case; power Off/Mute/On switch; flexible external antenna rod; and mini locking connector for lapel (LT), Headmic™ (LT/HM), or instrument (GT) applications
    • HT-1KU and BT-1KU transmitters feature LCD displays indicating selected Group, Channel, Audio Input Levels, and Battery level status; transmitting High/Low RF power switch for optimizing distance operation depending on application; and operation with two AA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable NiMH) for longest reliable, economical battery life


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