SRM-10X 10-Channel Stereo Mic / Line Mixer


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  • Two main mic/line channels with Trim, Bass, Treble, Aux Send, Pan, and Level controls; low cut; pre/post; PFL switches; Inserts
  • Four stereo channels: two with Level controls, Bass/Treble, Balance controls, Pre/Post Aux Send and PFL switches; two with Level controls and PFL switches
  • Tape In RCA jacks with Level control and PFL switch
  • Tape Record Out RCA jacks
  • Individual channel Aux Send, Pre/Post selectable, and Master¬†control
  • L/R main unbalanced outputs with¬†slider control
  • Mono output with slider level control and AFL switch
  • Dual 6-segment LED display bar graph meters
  • Ultra-low noise mic preamps
  • Full spectrum frequency response
  • Wide dynamic range with superior headroom
  • Separate Master Mix, Control Room and Headphone outputs
  • Mic and Line balanced inputs for optimum audio integrity
  • ¬ľ‚ÄĚ TRS Stereo Control Room and¬†Headphone outputs
  • Switchable global +48V phantom power on all mono inputs
  • Input Trim control on each mono¬†channel
  • Pan pots on each mono channel¬†and Balance pots on¬†each¬†stereo input
  • Peak LEDs on mono channels
  • High-quality pots for all controls with Pan/Balance and EQ controls having center detents
  • High-strength steel casing and¬†superior construction with¬†only highest quality components for longest life and¬†maximum reliability
  • External AC supply for optimum signal integrity and superior transient response
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